“I want to send autonomous robots to Mars so they can build infrastructure”.

It was the first thing that an entrepreneur told me after she sat down for a 30-minute consulting session.

EntrepreneursMy first thought was “You’re kidding”, followed by “This is the craziest idea that I’ve ever heard”.

It turned out that putting robots on Mars was part of the entrepreneur’s roadmap. But that didn’t stop her from telling everyone that’s what she wanted to do.

Time will tell whether her goal is pragmatic but it does reflect the idea that dreaming big is part of being an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is chock-a-bloc with risks, challenges, and hiccups. Most businesses fail. Nine out of 10 startups disappear.

But failure doesn’t stop entrepreneurs from giving it a shot. Most entrepreneurs are half-glass-full kind of people.

They believe in their ideas and see success as part of the journey. Few entrepreneurs think about running a business that manages to break even. That’s a boring proposition.

In some respects, you need to be somewhat delusional to be an entrepreneur.

Even though the odds are stacked against you, anything is possible. Your product could become an overnight success story. Did Robert Wang, for example, really believe the Instant Pot would be a smash hit? Probably.

Having audacious goals plays a key role in making entrepreneurs successful. The prospect of success justifies the long hours, the ups and downs, the money and time invested, and the personal sacrifices.

When success is potentially around the corner, there’s no need to worry about things going wrong.

Of course, entrepreneurs can get themselves in trouble. Their confidence can overshadow fundamental business problems and challenges that can’t be overcome. It explains why many entrepreneurs aren’t able to throw in the towel before it’s too late.

That said, entrepreneurship is a different game. It’s not for everything. There are plenty of people who love a bi-weekly paycheck. That is what makes being an entrepreneur so thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

And explains why entrepreneurs dream about putting robots on Mars!

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