One of the things about marketing is it often comes down to making difficult choices. You need to be honest about the channels that work for you; the channels that drive awareness, leads, and sales.

I was thinking about this recently after a conversation with my business coach. One of the things he said to me was, “Mark, you have to stop blogging or blog a lot less,” I love blogging because I’m a reporter by training. I love telling stories. I love to write.

marketingBut when my coach looked at my blog’s analytics, he said, “You know, Mark, this isn’t driving your business forward. Are there are other things that you could be doing that could perform better and that could attract leads and sales?”

So, I’ve had to make the tough decision to step back from my blog for the time being and focus on things like LinkedIn, LinkedIn videos, creating eBooks, and doing some more networking.

To me, it was a real-world lesson about the need to look at your marketing from a holistic point of view. You have to list all the things you could possibly do, identify the things that work, the things that don’t work, and then prioritize the marketing that’s going to drive results and going to make you successful.

I think it is important for brands to do an audit of their marketing and determine in an honest way is what you’re doing working? Is it generating the ROI that you want, or should you stop doing what you’re doing or change what you’re doing and explore different channels?

So, here’s what you need to do: conduct a mini-marking audit. Take a look at what’s going on and be honest about the channels delivering ROI.

You may discover that you’re doing things for the sake of doing things or you’re doing things that just aren’t delivering the results you want because you’ve been doing them forever.

Do the audit to get a handle on what’s happening: maybe it’s time to reload or maybe it’s time to optimize the things that you’re doing.

Regardless, look at your marketing to decide what should stay in and what should stay out.

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