It’s been an interesting few months.

First, I wrestled my Blackberry addiction to the ground by going cold turkey in terms of having to incessantly check for new e-mail messages and, of course, respond immediately. It’s been rewarding but difficult given everywhere you turn, there are tons of people incessantly checking their Blackberrys. Then, you’ve got the young’uns regularly checking their cellphones for SMS. It’s enough to give you the e-mail sweats!

While the Blackberry forced me to ditch my Palm, I’ve been searching for another way to write notes for ideas, reminders, facts, etc. First, I tried the 43Folders approach by using index cards (aka the Hipster PDA), which is not a bad way to go unless you forget to bring along a supply of index cards. But I think I’ve got this note thing down with the purchase of a pocket-size Moleskin notebook. Yes, it’s non-digital but it’s cool, sturdy and convenient.

If it’s any consolation, I’m not going Luddite on your quite yet. For one, I’ve decided to take another crack at learning WordPress. This has involved playing around with different templates, which caused me to temporarily blow up my blog (seriously, it disappeared for a few minutes until I reversed everything I had been doing!).

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